Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Free Christian Resources - Part I

I am a big fan of free things. My friends and family roll their eyes whenever I tell them of the free trial size that arrived in the mail or about the coupon for a free product at the supermarket. What can I say? I like to learn and I see free things as an opportunity to try something new and see if I like it.

And the only thing I love more than getting free things is sharing free things with other. This is no exception when it comes to all things Christian. So.....I put together a list of free Christian things from devotionals, to free music, videos, books, and so much more. Feel free to enjoy these things yourself or to pass them along to others who you feel may be blessed by them!

Our Daily Bread, receive a sample of free Devotional articles. I believe a subscription is required to receive this publication on a regular basis, but I am not sure.

Choose from almost 50 Free Online Books by John Piper, Pastor for Preaching at Bethlehem Baptist Chruch in Minneapolis, MN.

Picturesque Christian desktop backgrounds with nature scenes and Bible verses. Designed for a 1024 x 768 screen resolution.

Christian bookmarks with cute graphics and Bible verses. Print, cut, and hold the page of your favorite book.

Christian eNewsletters written by Choose from: Christian College Guide, The Connection, Daily Devotionals for Women, Ignite Your Faith, Marriage, Men, MOMsense, The Singles Channel, Today's Christian Weekly, Women, Faith in the Workplace, Movie Reviews, and so many others.

Free eDevotionals (video) presented by popular Christian Music Artists. Very cool!

Free Christian Downloads including from AudioBooks and Podcasts.

Christian videos on, ranging from hilarious to moving and everything in between. Includes music videos, a virtual Bible, and more.

Billy Graham's book of the month - changes monthly and features talented and popular Christian authors. This month the site offers "10 Things You Should Know About God and Life" by Greg Laurie.

Enjoying Everyday Life magazine by Joyce Meyers (online version). Filled with inspiring stories.

Free Conference with Joyce Meyers. Joyce will hold a free conference (yes, I said free!). She'll be in various cities and states throughout the rest of 2008 and 2009. Joyce will speak and various Christian bands will perform over the course of three days. Vendors will be on hand two hours before the conference begins. And this is all free!

Free Harvest Crusade with Greg Laurie. Held in various cities around the country, the purpose of this crusade is to bring Jesus to the lives of those who do not know him in an entertaining and non-threatening way. Greg will speak and a large variety of popular Christan bands will perform. Check the site to see if Harvest Crusade is coming to a city near you. Again, all this is free!

This is just the beginning. There will be more free Christian Resources listed in future posts. And as always, feel free any free resources you may know of.

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Anonymous said...

Please include Christian Videos Sharing site includes Christian blogs and MP3 free.

Ultimatetube is youtube type free videos sharing, but only Christian videos are allowed.



Denise said...

I'll gladly post this site the next time I post Free Christian Resources which will probably be within the next week.

Thanks for stopping by Blessings from Above!