Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Don't Forget the Reason for the Season

It's mind boggling how just last week at this time I was making preparations for Thanksgiving dinner (when went very well by the way!) and now I am fully focused on Christmas. My house is decorated top to bottom except for the tree. We're still working on that. I've got a list of the things I need to shop for and am all set for Christmas cookie exchance next week. I even have a full itinerary of Christmas-related events that I will doing with my family - New York City here we come!

I am determined though, as the Christmas season rolls on, to remember what is all about - the birth of Jesus - and to not get caught up in all the hoopla. If the scrap booked Christmas cards don't come out perfect, oh well. If someone doesn't like what I am wearing or what I plan to do on Christmas day, I am not addressing it. That's their problem. And as far as shopping goes, I am going to cut back a bit, order what I can online and only go out shopping as part of a social outing. I pledge not to go crazy over materialism. Maybe it's just my age (I am 34 now!) but I totally get it! This isn't important people!

We have so much as it is I can hardly believe that there are crowds of people at Wal-Mart trampeling perfectly kind employees. It's sick. When is all this going to stop? At times I am ashamed to be a human being. And I almost feel like I can't call those at the Wal-mart humans for doing what they did. My heart really goes out to the man's family.

Let's turn our eyes to the reason why we are doing this is the first place. It's because Jesus was born and we should spend the season being thankful for him and all he has done for us. Remember that when you get yourself into a frenzy at the mall. You know the saying, "What Would Jesus Do?" He wouldn't get caught up in this materialism craze I can tell you that. Let's not either!

Wishing you "Blessings from Above,"

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conarnold said...

Thanks for sharing another blessing! If everyone would think about what Jesus would do, we could find so much more beauty and joy in Christmas.

Marcus Goodyear said...

It's funny. My kids understand Christmas partly as materialism. "We want presents!"

But that desires and anticipation is so easily redirected into an object lesson about advent.

"You know how much you want those presents? Well, guess who is the best presence of all."

Explaining that pun to my four year old and seven year old is always fun.

Connie Arnold said...

I enjoy reading your blog and have given you a proximity award. You can see it on the Inspirational Poetry Blog on my website.