Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bless a Vet Today

Bless a Vet Today! For all you pet lovers, I am not talking about honoring a vetenarian! Today is Veteran's Day and we should honor the noble Veterans in our great country. We're here and enjoying the life we are because of them and all those who have ever served our great country.

Unfortunately being in the military can take a toll on our Veterans so it's important that we truly, from the bottom of our hearts, let them know how much we appreciate them. While we've gone on enjoying our lives (for some just living) Veterans have had their personal lives put on hold. Marriages and relationships come to a hault; children are born in their absence; family members pass on to be with the Lord, and so much more. Lets not take them for granted. Veterans really do sacrifice for us.

9 Ways to Bless a Vet today:

  • Send a Bible to our active troops in Afghanistan and other dangerous parts of the world.

  • Pray for our troops, our Veterans, and their families.

  • Donate your time or money to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans

  • Use your website or blog to raise funds for an organization aimed at helping Veterans by adding a Paypal Donation button. Veterans Families United Foundation; Veterans Help Network, and those organizations listed above are just a few that could use your help.

  • Request that your Pastor honor Veterans at the next church service. Ideally, those being honored should wear their prospective uniforms.

  • Simply say thank you to someone currently or previously in any form of military.

  • Host a Veteran's Day Party for those Veterans in your life.

  • Send a greeting card or "go green" and send an e-card thanking them for their service.

  • Create a scrapbook with photographs of your Veteran while in the military and present it to them on Veteran's Day.
  • Wishing "Blessings from Above" to our Veteran's. Happy Veterans Day!

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