Friday, November 14, 2008

Living in the Moment

My husband sat at the dinner table with a serious expression on his face as he rattled off, "Happy Thanksgiving," "Merry Christmas," "Happy New Year," "So what are we doing for Superbowl?" As my eyes got wider, he continued. "Happy 2010!" Oh, and "Happy 40th Birthday!"

I resisted the urge to slap him - after all, it wouldn't be very Christian like, but give me a break! I am only 34 years old! The purpose of him going through all that way to say, "Time flies." And he's right. I really will be 40 before I know it. Not something I really like to think about.

I think we all need to keep that in mind as we go about our daily lives going through the motions and promising ourselves that we'll do this or that sometime soon. The thing is, if we don't make it a point to do what we want to do, we'll never do it. We'll just keep going on the merry-go-round of monotony thinking it will end some day and then we'll have time to do what we want.

Newsflash! That isn't going to happen. We have to work our lives, and I mean really living, into our everyday routine.

I have some friends and family that I think are afraid of it. They make excuses that they HAVE to stay at the office until late and that they couldn't possibly come out for a night on the town or even a simple cup of coffee. I think they use work and other things as crutches from truly living. It's sad really. When you really stop and think about it, what's going to happen if you leave the office on time and take a night off for yourself? Nothing. I promise. The world will still rotate, the sun will still rise and set, and nothing is going to explode.

I've challenged this in the past in my Make It Happen post and Don't Let Life Pass You By: Make it Happen and now I am challenging you again. Pick something you've been interested in doing for quite a while, whether it be a few weeks, months or your entire life and get to it! Break the cycle of boredom and monotony and live. Really live! Now don't get me wrong, I am not encouraging you to quite your job or anything drastic like that. Please don't do it! I am just encouraging you to work in a little fun every once in a while. It can be done, now do it!

So what are you going to do? God has blessed many of us in America with some of the finest things. Don't miss out on them. Enjoy them to the fullest. Tell me what you plan on doing and I'll post it up on Blessings from Above to share with other readers. Maybe you'l spark some ideas for them.

I am off to make a pedicure appointment. I've had a gift certificate for over a year now and just haven't taken the time to pamper myself. It's about time.

Wishing you "Blessings from Above,"

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soundofasoftbreath said...

You will love 40 Denise:) Great post, nice blog. Thank you for the reminder. You are so right. LIVE. I am going to give this some thought and come up with something ...

peace & grace in Christ,

Tim said...

Denise, I have to make a point here that hope you can pick up on and at some point share with your readers in more depth.

When humans ride the merry-go-round of monotony, they tend to do something to comfort themselves while they are riding. Mind you, riders are passengers, not drivers. As such, passengers often afford themselves something that will take away their pain and the sheer boredom that accommpanies them on the ride. Obese people eat to excess, alcoholics get drunk. Some people commit crimes. Others abuse their families and friends.

The fact is, when people fail to capitalize on the life God gives them, and all the freedoms that come with it, they end up letting life live them. Thus, by default, the opportunity to live life to the fullest is replaced with the potential for death.

Nortehanon said...

Hello there,
Indeed, life is too short to just let life's simple, significant moments and blessings just pass by. After all, these are what really counts and, for me, these are what makes life.

Warm regards.