Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Gift of Now

God gave us the blessing of "now." That is, today, right here - the moment we're living. It's something that is often overlooked. We're so busy having the energy zapped out of us, worrying about tomorrow and what will happen. We're consumed by to-do lists with events a mile long that we have to prepare for. It's draining. And if we're not worrying about tomorrow, we're dwelling on what happened yesterday and all the "yesterday's" before. "I can't believe she said that about me." "I wonder if I could have done something different to keep that from happening?"

Does this sound familiar? I know it is for me and it's a real problem - I am quite a planner to the excess. I have things planned out for months and years into the future! I know, I know. I am working on getting better about it. So realize, this post is just as much for me as it is for my audience.

We really have to stop going so far forward and prevent ourselves from going backward. Today is what matters. Today, the here and now, is all we can really be sure of and we really should appreciate it. Stop running in circles and start doing things you enjoy because you never really know how many more "now" moments there are going to be.

When you first log on to this blog, the song "The Moment" by Steven Curtis Chapman plays. He talks about how we should "breath it and breath it out, listen to our heartbeats." It's true. Take enough time to stop and listen to what is going on around you. Don't be so caught up in plans for tomorrow.

Another wonderful blogger, Christine Spencer, Certified Life/Success Coach, and author of Live Passionately, encourages her readers to "Awaken to Consciousness." She warns us that if we're not careful, we'll use today only as a means to getting to the future, rather than fully living a passionate life today. She recommends being patient, becoming aware of your breathing, and giving up waiting as a state of mind and encourages to just "be."

So live in the moment. Listen to Steven Curtis Chapman's song, "The Moment" if you must, read Christine's blog, or create your own way to just be here now and enjoy every moment of it. Get a relaxing cup of coffee, take the dog for a walk, or smell the roses - literally. No more excuses. The present is a blessing from God! Don't miss out on it!

Wishing you "Blessings from Above,"

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Real Live Preacher said...

I'm always seeking a balance with this. I have a very hard time planning and definitely live day to day.

It gets me in trouble sometimes. ;-)

Whatever you are, you will "overbe" that. So I need to make lists and you need to let go of them. That's funny to me.