Monday, April 21, 2008

My blessings

The previous post on Blessings from Above was with guest poster, Bud Bilanich, who shared with us a very long list of the wonderful blessings in his life. That got me thinking, that although I share my blessings in various posts, I've never really created a list. So here it goes....and I'll try not to make it too long!

I am appreciative to have my health and although I do have some health concerns, they are not fatal or overly disruptive to my life.

I am blessed to be a Christian who can openly go to church without being persecuted.

I am blessed with a kind and caring husband, Nick.

I am blessed with three sweet, furry little bunny rabbits: Tapper, Thumper, and Lily.

We have a beautiful house.

My parents and my husband's are still alive and healthy, most of our grandparents are as well.

I have several close friends.

I live in America where I am free and have some of the best things the world has to offer.

I have an education which includes a Master's degree (an accomplishment I am quite proud of!)

We have several nice cars, all paid for, including a Corvette that we love driving.

I am blessed with enough spending money to go to the mall and get whatever I want (within reason!)

I am blessed to have a love for learning.

I am blessed by so many crafts things to work on that I don't have time for them all!

I am blessed with the ability to write which hopefully others can learn from and be inspired by (including myself as I do the writing!)

I am friends with my in-laws.

We have a beautiful backyard with gorgeous flowers, awesome mature trees, and plenty of land to roam around and enjoy.

I actually like my job and my boss at a local university!

We eat some of the best food - we're so spoiled!

I've been blessed enough to travel to more placee in my 33 years than most people get to do in an entire lifetime. I've been to 11 countries, 6 islands, at least 20 states, and I am still on the move!

I guess this list can go on, but maybe I'll save more for future posts. The list could never end. How about you take the time out today so write out all your blessings or at least your top 5. Seeing them listed on really helps to focus on your blessings and to approach the day in a more positive way. Give it a try!

Wishing you "Blessings from Above,"

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