Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Don't Deprive the World

In my last post I lectured you like a mom on "Don't Let Life Pass You By! Make it Happen!" I want you to get out there and do what you want to do NOW and not wait until it's too late. On that same note, and let me just say up front that I am going to be selfish here, you should get out and do what you do best for the rest of the world. Don't deprive us!

While you may think, "Eh, I am not going to finish writing that new song I had in mind, it won't be popular anyway," think twice. What if Beethoven said that or how about the author of Amazing Grace? If they decided not to write their songs the world would be deprived of their talent.

And that goes for so many things. Look at all the contributions that Ben Franklin made and all the joy that Walt Disney brought to those around him and generations to come. That could be you. Just take a leap of faith, get a little energized, and get going! Write the song, create your invention, write your book, create a non-profit organization to help less fortunate or whatever it is that you want to do! If you don't, you won't just be depriving yourself, but possibly depriving the world of the blessing of your skills and talents.

Wishing you "Blessings from Above,"

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Gigi said...

Not selfish at all Denise! We are told in Matthew 5:15 not to hide our light under a bushel basket, but rather to put it up on a lampstand to give light to all...Good advice! Now - to find out what it is I do best...LOL