Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Joyce Meyer Devotional

I love Joyce Meyer. I think she is real if you know what I mean, not one of those phony baloney's. She tells like it is and isn't afraid of what you think. Not to mention that most of the time the things she is talking about apply to her too and she tell ya that.

I went to Hershey, PA, just a few weeks ago to see her conference. My mother-in-law and I had a great time listening to Joyce and, well, eating the chocolate. Sorry! I am mean we were right there at Hershey Chocolate World. I had to have some of the tasty chocolate, I mean it's one of God's best inventions!

Well, anyway, back to Joyce. I was just overwhelmed with the amount of resources that she had for sale at the conference. The table seem to stretch on forever with hundreds and hundreds of books, CD's, DVD's, box sets, and more. I live for that kind of stuff. I had to control myself so I only bought one thing - Joyce's "Ending Your Day Right" devotionals. Christmas is coming and all those other things will end up on my Christmas list!

As I dedicated some time to reading the devotional and the Bible verse that went along with it this past Thursday night, I was shocked to realize that it correlated with my last few posts. It was entitled, "Pursue Your Purpose" and it referenced Matthew 6:33 - But Seek First of all His Kingdom and His righteousness, and then all these things taken together will be given you besides.

I encouraged you in my last few posts to do the things that your really want to do that make you happy. Joyce takes it a step further by saying seek God first and what he wants you to do in life and he will grant you those desires if you look to him first.

What a motivational thought and it's oh so true. If we pursue the plans that God has for us in life, we are bound to be successful. Just make sure you are listening and get busy! What things are you going to for yourself and God?

Wishing you "Blessings from Above,"


josh said...

hello there,
i enjoyed your blog about joyce meyer. i think shes gr8 too, i'd love to hear more about that and other things too

Marlo B. said...

I LOVE Joyce Meyer!! I have wanted her to come and do a conference in Canada for years!! I bet you had a great time. I believe the reason she is so well received is that God has anointed her with an extra special dose of authenticity. I agree with you, she is the real deal - no phoney baloney. And she is FUNNY!