Monday, October 6, 2008

Story contributions - How Have You Been Blessed?

Please share with me the many things that God has blessed your life with! Have you had a baby? Beat cancer? Recently seen a rainbow? Potty trained your child? Please share your story!

If you'd like your story featured on Blessings from Above to inspire others (and me!) please email me at: I'll review the posts I receive and post them periodically.

Read "Be Careful" for an example of a blessing in my life. There are many!

Remember, this will be posted on Blessings from Above for all to see so if it something very personal please don't write about it. Also, this will be a voluntary, unpaid contribution. Sorry but I am unable to pay!

Thanks! I look forward to reading your stories.

Wishing you "Blessings from Above" on monetizing your blog!

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1 comment:

Prosper and Be In Health said...

Oh my, how does one put ALL the many blessings down? I am blessed exceedingly abundantly above and beyond all I could think or imagine!!

Jesus loves me so much that He died for me, I'm loved much, I'm breathing still this day, have a very wonderful family, healthy, warm home, food, clothes, the trees, flowers, birds singing, ocean roaring....a home in heaven awaiting me. What more can I ask for? Thank You Lord Jesus!!