Thursday, January 3, 2008


Sorting through my laundry, separating the colors from the whites, I let out a groan. There was so many loads of laundry to be done and I had a full basket of winter clothes, that had yet to make their appearance this season, waiting for me in the basement. A mound of shirts and sweaters seemed to have taken up permanent residency on my dresser as they waited to be mended. And the ironing board had, what seemed like, a closet full of clothes hanging from it. All these garments could easily take me all day to deal with. I had so many other fun things I'd rather be doing.

I motivated myself with the thought that people less fortunate then myself would be thrilled to have such "problems." Some have one outfit to wear and they wear it until its worn out. Others have holes in their shoes or don't have shoes at all, when I have an entire closet of clothes including sneakers for the sole purpose of walking around in our muddy back yard.

That day I reminded myself, and will continue to do so every time I am irritable about laundry, that I am fortunate to have such an extensive wardrobe.

Wishing you "Blessings from Above,"

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Lisa said...

It might be difficult, but I will try to remember your words as I do the laundry for my extremely active family of 5, with at least a dozen shoprite bags of unmatched socks and what seems like more clothes than they could wear in a year! Thanks for sharing!