Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Got your health? You got it all

Two years ago I suffered from depression. I'd swing back and forth between high panic attacks that had me pacing the floor to low depression that prevented me from getting out of bed some days. It was scary and lonely. I thought for sure I was losing my mind.

Fortunately with the help of intelligent doctors, much needed medication, and of course, prayer, I am better. Ok, I have my days - we all do, but now I can step back and smell the roses, as they say, a little more. I have more of a "just do it" attitude because I can do it. If I feel up to it I might as well visit that attraction I've been interested in seeing, tackle that hobby I've been curious about, make a new friend, since there was a time I couldn't. That horrible time in my life has helped me to appreciate life, and my health, so much more.

Wishing you good health and "Blessings from Above,"

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