Monday, January 21, 2008

Tapper II

Those who know me, know I LOVE my precious, Tapper, a sweet fuzzy little bunny rabbit, so it's no surprise that I am writing about him for a second time. And I hate to say it, but you'll be hearing about him again and again.

I can't help it. He makes me laugh and cheers me up when I am feeling a little down. I mean, how many rabbits do you know of that hop up on the couch or jump in the toilet just to see what's in there? Rabbits don't take baths so you can imagine his reaction that first time when he felt water on his fur. He jumped out just as fast as he jumped in the toilet and let me tell ya, there was water everywhere as he tried to shake it off him. Then there was the "puberty period" when he found "romance" on my wrist, my bathrobe, a decorative teddy bear and just about anything he could climb up on. Boy does his tail wiggle fast when he is excited!

Of course it is so sweet when I make kissy noises which prompts him to lick my face, my nose, my arm or whatever. He almost does it on command now. And then there is the bunny sprints and leaps he does in the air when he is out of his cage having a good time.

Tapper is such a joy to have around. He really brightens my day. I have an angel living in my house and he has fur!

Wishing you "Blessings from Above,"

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