Friday, January 4, 2008

Steven Curtis Chapman

Steven Curtis Chapman, a Christian singer, is one of me and my husband Nick's favorite singers. His songs are always upbeat and positive. For Nick's birthday I bought him Chapman's new CD and surprised him with tickets to his concert a few weeks later. While we were at the concert, Chapman talked about adoption, a topic close to his heart since he adopted several Chinese girls. During the show, he casually asked that we drop change in designated buckets if we wanted to - all proceeds would go towards adoptions. What we didn't know until the end of the concert was that the money we raised that night would go to a family in Lancaster, PA (where the concert was) that Chapman had already selected. They had applied for his grant that would help them with the fees of adopting their baby boy and show-goers would be a part of helping. Chapman brought the couple, their children, and the one month old on stage and announced that we helped to raise $2,000 that night. Chapman would do the rest.

Not only was I impressed with Chapman's singing, I was impressed by his compassion. I felt touched that night as I realized that there are still caring people in the world. Now that baby boy has a family - now that's a blessing.

Wishing you "Blessings from Above,"

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