Monday, March 17, 2008

The Gift of Travel

Today is "Dee's Blessings" which focus on the wonderful things that have happened in my life.

As an adult, I've become quite the traveler. My husband and I travelled extensively long before we ever married or engaged. It's one hobby we truly enjoy together. Eleven countries, um, about six Caribbean Islands, and I don't know how many of the United States later, we're still planning trips. This year brings the possibility of Missouri and Rivera Maya (the Mexican Riviera) not so far from Cancun.

We've truly been blessed with the gift of travel. Thus far, we've had the finances, the desire, and the health to support these trips. And I've been truly enriched by all of the places we've been. We only one bad vacation which was to the British Virgin Islands of Tortola and Virgin Gorda and even that trip blessed me. It helped me to realize how good we have it in our homeland of America. And it helped me to appreciate my home that much more when we finally did hit that ground. You can expect some interesting tales about that trip in future posts.

The other trips enhanced my life and I am sure trips you have taken have too. Have you ever thought about that? onsider this:

  • I've become closer to my husband during the time we were away.

  • I've learned about other cultures, firsthand, not just in writing.

  • I've experienced other foods.

  • I've seen some of the most beautiful things.

  • I have memories to share with my future family.

  • I've written articles on my experiences traveling, some of which have inspired others to go for a visit, while other articles have earned me a little extra money.

  • I've met interesting people at my destination that have impacted my life (more about that in future posts!)

  • I've grown more flexible. Hey I've pottied in some strange places and I use to be afraid of Seaplanes (you know the ones that take off and land right on the water and look like you are going to crash right into sea?!) Well, not anymore! I conquered that fear on our trip to St. Croix. (more about this in future posts as well!)

I bet you never thought of all the wonderful things that your travels have done for your life. Travelling truly is a life altering experience. If you haven't been anywhere in a while, get out of the cubicle and get going!

Wishing you "Blessings from Above,"


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