Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bless Others at the Office

Blessing Others - suggestions how you can be a blessing to others.

The work place can be a tough place to be if you don't have nice co-workers to pass your time with. Why not be one of those nice co-workers? It's easy to be a blessing to others at work. Sometimes you can offer help that will require a big effort and will really benefit those around you. Other times all you really need to do is make minor effort to make a major difference.

Not long ago a co-worker I don't even see all that often blessed me by simply opening the door to the training room at the University where I work. I was in a real jam because I need to conduct a technology training session, but I couldn't get in the room. I am part-time so I can't have a key and those I usually rely on where out for the day, either sick or off for the working holiday. When I finally found my co-worker Mike, who just happened to be in the office rather than out on the campus, I was thrilled. You see, he did more for more than just open a door. He saved me from the stress of trying to get into the room and be flustered for my training and he kept me from being embarrased from not being able to get in the room. Small things are bigger than we realize.
Here are some simple things you can start doing to today to make those around you happier:

-Simply say hello in the morning.
-Bring coffee for a co-worker you are friendly with when you stop to get your own.
-Don't rat someone out for their error. Noboday's perfect.
-Leave a note or card of inspiration on a co-workers desk. (Keep it clean and don't get too personal!)
-Send someone an inspirational email.
-Hold the door open if you see someone with their hands full.
-Offer positive input on a project a co-worker is working on, particularly if they aren't real happy about it.
-Offer to help with something even if it isn't your job.
-When you send an email, sign it with "Have a wonderful day" and/or include a positive quote under your name.
-Just be cheerful in general. It can be contagious.
-Change the water bottle for the water cooler when it runs out.
-Clean up the fridge every once in a while.
-Leave a note on the door to the bathroom if there is no toliet paper
-Organize an after work social to get to know your co-workers better.
-Decorate your cubicle so it's a pleasure to visit you.

Have any suggestions? Post a comment and let me know!

Wishing you "Blessings from Above,"


David B. Bohl @ said...


Great post!

For me, it all boils down to trying to be a servant leader - to lead not for the sake of gaining power, but in order to learn how to serve others better.


Anonymous said...

i had a 'tough' office for about 2 years. i tried to do lots of those little things, just so i knew i was doing my part. i liked to get hand soap from bath & body works for the ladies' room. it was just a nice, luxurious pick-me-up that people appreciated, and it sure beat that pink syrupy stuff in the dispenser. i always kept a nice-sized candy basket on my desk, too. everyone (even the ups guys) knew that it was free for the taking. keep up the good work!