Friday, March 7, 2008

Biblical Blessings - The birth of Jesus

Today is Friday - Biblical Blessings - This will focus on blessings found throughout the Bible and how they can apply to our lives today.

While the Bible is filled with many blessings that apply to our lives today, I thought I'd focus on the birth of Jesus Christ with Easter just around the corner. That's when we lost him, but we'll focus more on that when we get closer to the holiday.

For now, let's remember just what a blessing it was for all of mankind that Jesus was born. God cared enough about us to send his one and only son to forgive us of our sins. Now we can live sin free and can have fellowship with God because of Jesus.

And think how miraculous his birth was. God planned his birth for centuries prior to it's actual happening. He orchestrated so many things it's amazing. And then he planted Jesus in a virgin, Mary, and gave her the responsibility of giving birth to him. And there was nothing King like about the night that he came into the world. He was born in a manager and didn't even have a bed to sleep in. Yet he made such an impact on the world he lived in and the rest of humanity to come. Millions and millions will have been blessed by his prescense.

Why was Jesus a blessing for me and for you?

  • Now you can converse openly with God.

  • Once you accept Jesus into your heart you are saved and will go to heaven to enjoy eternity with God.

  • He saved us from our human sin.

  • His life was an inspiration on how we should live and treat others.

  • We can live because he died.

Thank God for the blessing of Jesus and all he did. We should be so thankful!

Wishing you "Blessings from Above,"

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Chris said...

Jesus Christ was a blessing to all women in that forgiveness for sin, (which came through Eve to man) was born of a woman, Mary. And that child became the savior of all mankind. Thus the statement by the angel to Mary, that she was highly favored among women. A chosen vessel.