Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dee's Blessings - Blog Blessings

Monday (ok, this is a little late!) Dee's Blessings - people who know me well call me Dee and you can too. Here you'll find the many blessings in my life in hopes of inspiring you to recognize these things, and others, in your own life.

Dee's Blessings is something I usually like to do on Mondays and in case you have't noticed, today is Tuesday. But hey, better late than never right?

This may seem like an odd thing to consider a blessing, but that's what this blog is to me for so many reasons.
  • It gives me the chance to express myself
  • It gives me an opportunity to write and showcase my skills
  • It requires me to step up and be a better Christian by forcing me to recognize my blessings.
  • It helps me to point out the blessings in others lives which hopefully impacts their lives in some way.

It's so ironic that not all that long ago I couldn't possibly understand what benefit a blog could be to me. It was only after I started playing around with one and falling upon uses for it that I found it of such value.

I love that it's such an instantaneous thing. I can have a thought and see it online immediately. It's the way to go for me. And although I still try and find writing jobs in hard copy publications, I find it frustrating. I still haven't heard from a few of the publications that I contacted last year, despite emails from the editor expressing a vague interest. At least with the blog I have control over what I do and when I do it. And this way I don't have to pester an overwhelmed editor to get my work seen by the public!

Thank God for this wonderful technology. When it is working properly and utilized properly, it really is a useful tool.

Wishing you "Blessings from Above,"

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